Data Analysis

  • Water Work

    1. Gestion Integree des Resources en eau, de l’epuration et du recyclage des eaux usees de la ville de Laayune (Morocco) by Dr. David G. Zeitoun.
    2. “Hydrological Survey in the Kibutz Hanita Region”
    3. “ Hydrological Survey in the Ziv A Galil Region”
    4. “Probabilistic analysis of the precipitation and run-off in the Kiryat Ata region “
    5. “ Multilayer modeling  for the management of the coastal aquifer in Israel”
    6. “ Free flow analysis near the Hanita Kibutz”
    7. “ Environmental survey near Har Tuv –Beth Shemesh.
    8. “Pollution of the Ein Saadia outlets”.
    9. Management of the mountain aquifer under uncertainty.
    10. Ayalon highway, Design of pumping wells for dewatering.
    11. Modeling of the EBR-EK system for the E. ELGRESSY ltd company.