• ED Technology’s team of multidisciplinary experts, led by Dr. David Zeitoun, has already provided solutions to a wide range of environmental monitoring and design problems in France, the United States, and Israel and is available to help meet similar challenges anywhere.


    The proliferation of geographic information systems (GIS) in recent years has led to an often confusing array of data bases and applications, which have increased in size and complexity while not allowing the data to be processed and analyzed easily by the end user. ED Technology offers an integrative system to manage data, assess risk, and make forecasts that is easily accessible, comprehensive, and highly effective.

    The ED Technology system utilizes an interface linking a numeric simulator for forecasts and risk assessment, a GIS management system for data and graphic representation, and a data base repository of field data from monitoring systems.


    • Lev Hasharon: Risk Assessment of Pollution from Municipal Cesspits

    ED Technology’s environmental modeling study assessed the levels of ground-water contamination from nitrates in cesspits. The investigation also addressed the potential for contamination of surface water, shallow soil, stream sediment, and air.


    The transport of contaminants through the unsaturated zone was simulated by a vadose zone model, and the dispersive transport through the aquifer by an analytical model, to calculate contaminant concentration levels in nearby wells. The results were used as evidence in litigation.


    Similar successful projects include a detailed, three-dimensional ground-water modeling study of the Na’aman Aquifer as a design tool for pumping stations; a study of the vulnerability of Israel’s Western Mountain Aquifer to anthropogenic pollution; and a ground-water modeling study of the effects of planned additional pumping by the Kfar Saba Municipality.