Research and Development

ED Technologyin collaboration with the Hebrew university and the Bangkok University, is working on a large scale research project to develop fully integrative, three-dimensional numerical tools to analyze the subsidence problem in the vicinity of the Bangkok city in Thailand. The focus of this research, which is funded by the ministry of Infrastructure of Thailand, is to combine the development of a 3-D GIS system with high-performance 3-D ground water models, in order to analyze the influence of groundwater pumping and urbanization on the subsidence problem.


In this project, ED Technology director Dr. David Zeitoun is collaborating closely with Prof. E. Wakshall , in order to combine the development of  a 3-D GIS system with high-performance 3-D ground water models and 3-D stress model that integrate geophysical data with input on water depletion and soil settlements.


Similarly, ED Technology has worked with Prof. G. Dagan from the Tel-Aviv University, to perform a detailed study of the vulnerability of Israel’s Western Mountain Aquifer to anthropogenic sources of pollution. The findings provide a valuable planning tool to protect the aquifer’s ground water sources from future regional development.


Prof. G. Dagan has been named the 1998 recipient of the world’s most prestigious prize for research in water quality protection, the Stockholm Water Prize. In announcing the award, the Stockholm International Water Institute noted: “This research leads to application of effective strategies for protecting and restoring groundwater, a major source of drinking water for many of the world’s inhabitants and of irrigation for many of its farmers.”