ED Presentation

ED Technology H&WS provides consulting services and realizations of projects for water companies and environmental companies. Services include geological, hydrological and environmental surveys, water management, groundwater modeling, geotechnical modeling and computerized planning based on CAD and GIS systems, utilizing computer innovations and advanced modeling applications. In the field of environmental protection, ED Technology provides consulting services and training courses for pollution problems and site remediation.


ED Technology’s mission is to deliver a complete service to water industry, local municipality and governmental institutions for the integrative computerized management of the water used and the prevention of water polluted sites.

The Competitive Advantages of “ED Technology “ are:

  • Integrated solution to customer’s requirements.

  • Use of a unique computerized system partly developed by our team.

  • Unique computers tools for analysis of water problems.

  • Unique tools for optimizations of the number of detectors and sensors by finding optimal places.

  • Large experience in arid and semi arid zones.

Specialized in groundwater pollution problems including prevention, detection and cleaning of groundwater pollution.